TYPO Speaker

Steffen Sauerteig (born in 1967) began his working life as an electrician and went on to build sets for East German television. He studied visual communication at the College of Fine Art in Berlin from 1991-96.

Kai Vermehr (born in 1964 in Caracas/Venezuela) grew up in Frankfurt am Main in Germany and Guatemala. He studied communication design at the Folkswangschule in Essen, released two LPs as Kabbahri. Lives in Berlin since ’92.

Svend Smital was born in 1967. He trained as a bricklayer from 1984 to 1987 and then studied at the Berlin Academy of Art from 1991 to 1996. Since graduating he has worked as a free-lance designer.

Peter Stemmler (born 1966 in East Berlin) school, army, different jobs, then photographer, studied sociology and communication design, works in the US since 1997 different jobs employed and freelance as designer and photographer till 1999, since then freelance Illustrator / designer / photographer with Eboy and QuickHoney

Steffen, Svend and Kai started with eBoy in 1998 — Peter from NY joined some time later

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