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Betina Mueller ©KatjaKlein

Betina Müller

Professor Typography, Potsdam University of Applied Science (Potsdam)

Betina Müller studied visual communications at Berlin’s Academy of Arts. From 1984 to 1994, she worked freelance from her own studio, as well as working as an assistant professor at the University of the Arts in Berlin, teaching fundamentals of typography. Since 1992, she has been professor of typography in the design faculty (FB Design) of Potsdam’s newly instituted University of Applied Science. She led the 15th forum for typography in Potsdam 1998 and is a co-publisher of the corresponding documentation “Machtspiele” (Power Plays). She has published numerous student essays, many of which have won awards. In addition to teaching, Müller has been the director and designer for vacat publishers in Potsdam.

She has won awards from the Stiftung Buchkunst, the Brandenburg-Berlin design prize, and been nominated for the German design prize and the Red Dot award. Betina Müller lives and works in Potsdam and Berlin. In 2015, the book “Experimental Design: Visual Methods and Systematic Play” by Betina Müller and Armin Lindauer was published by niggli in German and Braun in English. It has been honoured with the silver ICMA and Red Dot awards.

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