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Adam Lewis Greene

Graphic Artist / Book Designer (Santa Cruz, California)

Five years in the field, Adam Lewis Greene is a word-of-mouth freelance designer with no web presence. So he was shocked when his first independent publishing endeavor, the typographically driven Bibliotheca, was met with overwhelming success by way of a viral Kickstarter campaign launched in mid 2014. The fundraising goal was surpassed forty times over, totaling $1.44 million and making Bibliotheca one of the Top 50 Kickstarter campaigns to date (out of over 197,000).

The project aims to free biblical literature—cornerstone of Western culture and storytelling—from the dense, encyclopedic typographic conventions to which it has been relegated for centuries, and to give it fresh expression as a multi-volume set of elegant, traditionally designed books conducive to enjoyable reading.

Being more or less a student of the age-old disciplines of type design, typography, book design, book illustration, calligraphy and print, Adam is fascinated with the dissemination of ideas via the book and the letter, as well as the history and future of writing and print. Confronted with an increasing tendency in design culture toward the superficial away from the substantive, he is interested in finding and creating artifacts that possess intrinsic beauty and goodness; and he thinks a well-made book is just about the best example of this.

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