TYPO Speaker

Katrin Olina

Katrín Ólína

Designer (Reykjavik)

Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir (1967) is an Icelandic designer who works in a variety of media including illustration and product design.

Possessed of a sensibility for the mysterious, Ólína’s work speaks in a language inspired by Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious, philosophy, symbolism, mythology, natural history and geometry. Her work has materialised in the fields of product design, fashion, interiors, furniture, print and animation. She has created large immersive graphic installations at the National Gallery in Oslo and Reykjavik Art Museum and won numerous awards for her work, including Forum Aid, SEGD and the DV Culture Award in Iceland. Her working methods combine digital technologies from 2D flat work to 3D printing in an effort to give form and material to abstract ideas and the inner cosmos. Her explorations of the space between the psyche and the designed object or space manifests in what could be called ‘illuminated darkness’.

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