Designing Beyond Design

TYPO Berlin 2016 brings the graphic design sector together under the motto “Beyond Design”. It’s a challenge. As a designer, you have to ask yourself what goes beyond the concept of modern design. We understand communications design as an all-embracing discipline, along the lines of Paul Watzlawick’s “one cannot not communicate”. There’s nothing we should or could keep our hands off of. So what can be “beyond design”? How do we design a conference that is true to that motto?

– –
Von Magnus and Steff Hengge, studio adhoc


Beyond Design gestalten

Unter dem Motto „Beyond Design“ führt TYPO Berlin 2016 die Grafikdesign-Branche zusammen. Das ist herausfordernd. Als Gestalter/in fragt man sich dabei, was kann es geben, das über den modernen Design-Begriff hinausgeht? Kommunikationsdesign fassen wir als allumfängliche Disziplin auf – nach Paul Watzlawicks „Man kann nicht nicht kommunizieren!“. Es gibt nichts, wovon wir die Finger lassen könnten und sollten. Was also kann „Beyond Design“ sein? Wie setzen wir das Motto als Konferenzdesign um?

– –
Von Magnus und Steff Hengge, studio adhoc

Typographics 2015-photo Frank Griesshammer

Report from the first Typographics Conference in New York

Beyond TYPO – Looking at further events in the typographic community:

The TYPO Team likes to look beyond the Tellerrand. So when we heard the announcement of a new typographic venue in June in New York, we were eager to visit the premiere. When we met Frank Grießhammer at Typographics and he offered to write a post for the TYPO Blog, we didn‘t hesitate to accept.

Frank (FF Quixo, HWT Tuscan, Stempel Elan) studied Graphic Design in Saarbrücken, Germany and Florence, Italy. In 2008, his graduation project led to the creation of a experimental type foundry, “Kiosk Fonts”. An internship at FontShop International brought Frank to the Robothon 2009 conference in The Hague – a turning point for his career. He had the chance to spend the best year of his life studying at KABK The Hague, and graduated with a Master of Design in Type and Media in 2010. Frank has been part of the Adobe Type Team in California since 2011.

© Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Christoph Niemann: 2015 neue Likes

Es ist der letzte Vortrag des Abends, der letzte der TYPO 2015. Christoph Niemann betritt die Bühne, geschmeidig und gut gelaunt: „To round things off, I’d like to tell you what I think of character.“ Er spricht über Ängste und Erfolg, Kritik und Kreation – und Gummibärchen.


Eric Jarosinski: Nothing new. Nihilism as character development

The self-declared “failed intellectual” dropped by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt during his Goodwill Tour 2015. Snarky with childish glee and joyful irreverence, he flooded us with his witty sarcastic dictums, caused my ultimate Schreibblockade (one of his favourite German words) and definitely gained quite a few new followers from the graphic design field.

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