Typo Berlin 2016 "Beyond Design"

Brosmind: 10

The two brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro take us on an eclectic odyssey through their work, their beginnings, their connection as brothers and their approach to creativity.

© Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

Beautypunch: Magic with Logic and the Power of Scent

Beautypunch – Jürgen Mayknicht and Nicole Szekessy – are designers whose work focuses on  a different sense than most TYPO speakers – not sight, but smell. They are perfumers, designers of fragrances. Working with everything from personal scents to “corporate aromas”, they develop every aspect of a fragrance, from the scent itself to the packaging.


Corinna Sy: Eine Zukunft bauen

Wenn Corinna Sy von „ihren Jungs“ spricht, dann meint sie Maiga, Moussa, Ali, Saidou und Malik. Fünf junge westafrikanische Männer aus Niger und Mali, die durch das gemeinsam realisierte Modellprojekt „Cucula – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design“ neuen Halt im Leben fanden.

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