About Morag Myerscough, London

Morag Myerscough gibt Besuchern öffentlicher Räume Halt. Als leidenschaftliche Konstrukteurin von Ausstellungen, Schulen, Gesundheits – oder Kunstzentren sorgt Sie mit Schrift, Farbe und Muster dafür, dass Menschen ihre Wege finden und sich wohl fühlen. Morag verleiht den Orten, die sie betreut, grafischen Sinn. Sie begrüßt die Besucher und bietet Orientierung und ein Gefühl der Vertrautheit. »Wir infiltrieren die Architektur-Szene.«, bemerkte Morag kürzlich in einem Video-Interview mit Eye-Magazin und »Ich möchte für Menschen arbeiten, die mutig genug sind Neues auszuprobieren«.


Neville Brody pushes the boundaries of type

Neville Brody doesn’t want you to think outside the box: it would appear he’d prefer you do something like tear it up, tape it back together, spray paint it, wear it as a hat, and then throw it out. Brody wants designers to decide what to do with their own boxes. Since we’ve moved from a physical to digital space, Brody feels that experimentation has given way to an engineering approach. “Facebook feels very much like a grown up version of AOL.” The world starts to look the same.


Gary Hustwit: Urbanized

I seem to walk into Gary Hustwit’s presentation at exactly the right time just as he is beginning to talk about his latest film Urbanized. When Lynda Relph Knight questions him at the end of the presentation about his varied subject choices for each of his films Helvetica (typeface), Objectified (objects) and now Urbanized (urban spaces), he responds by saying that he makes films about things he is interested in and nobody can deny that! Every project which he discusses from the film seems to fill him with curiosity and awe and hope for the future.


Gary Hustwitt: We built this City

Gary Hustwitt loves Graphic Designer. So much so that he decided to make a film about it. Despite never picking up a camera before ‘Helvetica’ marked his directorial debut, and his fascination with typography was brought to life. 4 years and another film, ‘Objectified’ later, Hustwitt treated the TYPO Audience to a sneak peak of his new offering, ‘Urbanized’, and they weren’t disappointed. As with his previous offerings the succinct title nods towards the subject matter, cities and buildings, though instead of form it focusses on the people that live within cities, and the strong sense of community spirit that takes shape in many forms.


The Daily Eckardt: Joachim Sauter

Joachim Sauter has been working as a media designer since the early 1980s. From the beginning, he focussed on digital technologies, and is exploring how they can be used to express content and narration. Fuelled by this interest, he founded ART+COM in 1988 along with other artists, designers, scientists, and technologists. Their goal was to do practical research into what was, at the time, a new and up-and-coming medium in the realm of art and design. He still heads up that interdisciplinary team. Since 1991 he has been a professor of “new media art and design” at Berlin’s College of the Arts, and since 2001 an adjunct professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Der Medienpionier: Joachim Sauter

Joachim Sauter, Medienkünstler und Designer, ist Professor an der UdK Berlin und der UCLA Los Angeles. »Ein Medienpionier der neuen Medien«, wie ihn Simone Wolf angekündigt hat. Gerade wurde eine seiner Arbeiten mit dem Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ausgezeichnet.

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