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Barış Atiker: Stop Motion Typography Workshop

Barış Atiker has what you call a hands-on-mentality. “Are you ready for an experiment on creative thinking, collaboration and making mistakes?” The turkish motion designer enthusiastically challenges his crowd from the very beginning of his workshop on “Stop Motion Typography”.


On today’s menu: the finest type cooking

While some people have their lunch and enjoy the sun outside, in the depths of the conference burrow a special workshop takes place, where you have to cook on your own. What might sound like a cooking-class or maybe a breaking-bad metaphor, actually is one of the most beloved parts of the TYPO. Like in the years before Eric van Blokland and Paul van der Laan guide you through your special recipe of drawing type.

LANGESOMMER Workshop Hebräisch

LANGESOMMER: Hebräische Kalligrafie

Das hebräische Alef-bet ist das Alphabet des antiken und modernen Hebräisch und eines der ältesten noch verwendeten. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Jüdischen Museum Berlin gab der Workshop von LANGESOMMER Einblicke in die hebräische Kalligrafie und Schrift. Gemeinsam mit Amichai Green vom Jüdischen Museum, lernten die TeilnehmerInnen, hebräische Buchstaben mit einer Feder zu schreiben und damit Duktus und Schönheit der hebräischen Kalligrafie kennenzulernen.


Happenings at TYPO – $1/Minute

I hope you had a chance to visit the $1/MINUTE participatory creative workshop set up by Ana Llorente & Davey Whitcraft of Strangeways Academy. Throughout the past two days, conference attendees had the opportunity to place requests (and name their price) for projects that were fulfilled by the workshop directors and rotating guest creatives – open to anyone who wanted to participate.


Happenings at TYPO – Feel The Rhythm

Us is a de-centralized design collective that explores non-traditional methods of process and collaboration. In response to this year’s theme of rhythm, they have set up an interactive workshop where conference attendees generate hand crafted poster art by working within (and against) established parameters, taking inspiration from the elements provided while exercising creative liberty to remix and re-imagine.

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