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David Jonathan Ross: The ups and downs of vertical typography

Local liquor stores can be the start of great things. For David Jonathan Ross they were the start of an in-depth exploration into the realm of vertical letterforms. His analysis of shop signage in the urban landscape, as well as the technical and aesthetic challenges when vertically drawing letters and setting type resulted in the typeface “Bungee”.

Kadri, Meena_Original

Meena Kadri: Indo-centric, Typo-centric: Hand-lettered Typography of the Streets of India

Signs on urban streets of India represent a diverse graphical expression. Meena explores the history, influences, and characterists of contemporary typography of streets of India. When encountering the Indian streetscape, one is struck by the diversity of competing signs. India lacks a shared language so the signs are to decoded by a diverse population. Different regional identities are apparent through graphic styles.


Faythe Levine: It’s Just a Sign, Until it Influences Your Entire Life

Faythe Levine’s latest book and documentary film, both titled Sign Painters, explore the trade of hand-painted signage in America today. Since information on sign painting was scarce, Faythe presented her research for her documentary that ranged from hard-to-find books and magazine on the subject to letters from family members of sign painters that were excited about the upcoming documentary.

Hanif Kureshi

Hanif Kureshi: Last Street Painters of India

Painter Kureshi – Last street painters of India by Hanif Kureshi explored the vanishing art of the sign painters of India. Once upon a time studios of over 100 painters worked tirelessly (without time for a smoke break) on many colorful custom works, often beginning their careers with film posters and moving on to fruit juice stand signage or personalized number plates – in any style you wish.