What’s the best bike sharing service for me?

Berlin is a city full endless options when it comes to finding bars, clubs, restaurants, parks, and sights to see. This abundance of possibilities even applies to getting around, whether you choose to walk (Berlin is very flat), utilize the strong public transit system or pick up a bike to tour the city. We tested five of the most popular bike sharing services for you.
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by Michael Pieracci


The German Association of Communication Designers (BGD) fee and salary report 2012: We have to talk about money

Christian Büning and Jakob Maser of the BDG teamed up to present us with the true facts about design as business. They refresh us with statistics of the eye opening, just published salary report based on a survey where they ask the relevant questions to 793 employed and 743 self-employed designers. The result of many answers this report reveals is shocking!


Nancy Birkhölzer and Prof. Reto Wettach: Empower the analog

Professor Reto Wettach of IXDS, together with his colleague Nancy Birkhölzer gave an interesting talk on their perspective of the relationship humans have with the physical and digital world. The talk was largely based around the fact that people are increasingly interacting with the world around them using just a tiny screen and the tips of their fingers. They questioned how much emotion can possibly be expressed through this type of medium and whether or not we need new ways of incorporating technology into our lives which empower us to interact on a more human level.