Gesche Joost: Prototype of a networked society

Gesche Joost from the research lab at Universität der Künste Berlin starts with the image of an interactive quilt that uses visual hints of interactive threat connected to an interface to tell stories. The stories change by folding the fabric in different shapes to create different patterns. In all her projects a group of researchers from different disciplines and expertise work together. The aim is to integrate interfaces that connect and feed back into society to improve it.


TYPO London 2011 speakers: Joachim Sauter

Joachim Sauter co-founded  Art+Com in the mid eighties in Berlin. The company evolved from an interdisciplinary group of designers, architects and artists from the Berlin University of the Arts as well as hackers from the ChaosComputerClub. The group used the upcoming digital technology not only as a tool, but potential (mass) medium. Founded as an non-profit organisation to explore the new medium’s possibilities for art, design, science and technology, Art+Com did not commence commercial projects not before the mid 1990s.