Henning Skibbe: Typography for news media

The first thing Henning would like to announce is that all the work he shows is created in team work. Without the team of professionals the outcome would not be the same. According to the number of listeners, he is also a popular speaker: the stage area is packed and we all want to know about his insight into the micro typographic world.

Stefan Kiefer

Stefan Kiefer: In the red frame

Working in any current affairs magazine means pressure. Creating highly creative cover concepts and art for a weekly magazine takes this to a pressure to an entirely different level. Weekends are always on standby, and you never know when the phone is going to ring with a last minute change to a headline or image. Today at TYPO, Stefan Kiefer takes through the past 12 years of highly creative and innovative work as cover art director of the SPIEGEL magazine.