Dale Herigstad

Dale Herigstad: When the rectangle is gone

There is a rectangle, possibly dictated by the printing press, that has defined the place where much of the information mankind has consumed has existed. And it is the confinement of this rectangle that has been at the heart of Dale Herigstad’s work. Or rather, his work explores what is beyond the confines – or what might, could and should be outside, in front of and behind of the rectangle.


TYPO London 2011 speakers: Joachim Sauter

Joachim Sauter co-founded  Art+Com in the mid eighties in Berlin. The company evolved from an interdisciplinary group of designers, architects and artists from the Berlin University of the Arts as well as hackers from the ChaosComputerClub. The group used the upcoming digital technology not only as a tool, but potential (mass) medium. Founded as an non-profit organisation to explore the new medium’s possibilities for art, design, science and technology, Art+Com did not commence commercial projects not before the mid 1990s.