TYPOFEST Bulgaria 2016 Finale

Typofest Bulgaria

What if you live in a country with great Schriftkultur, but only a few typefaces that offer your local glyph forms? And yes, it is Schrift in Bulgarian for type. Get to know a type culture and community arising anew.

© Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

David Jonathan Ross: The ups and downs of vertical typography

Local liquor stores can be the start of great things. For David Jonathan Ross they were the start of an in-depth exploration into the realm of vertical letterforms. His analysis of shop signage in the urban landscape, as well as the technical and aesthetic challenges when vertically drawing letters and setting type resulted in the typeface “Bungee”.

Tarek Atrissi at TYPO Berlin

Workshop: Bilingual Arabic & Latin Monogram Design

When it comes to Arabic logo design, you will most often find it accompanied by Latin text. But it takes a great deal of sensitivity to combine two different scripts into a harmonic design. During the  Bilingual Arabic & Latin Monogram Design workshop, Tarek Atrissi challenged the participants to meld Latin and Arabic characters into unique and aesthetically pleasing typographical designs.

Two of four Typejockeys: Michael Hochleitner and Anna Fahrmaier © Sebastian Weiß (Monotype)

Typejockeys: Seriously Special Friends

You can tell right away: the Typejockeys are serious and special. They boast the combined type design skills of an alumni of each of the two type design MA courses in Europe and they are not only business partners and colleagues but friends who have known each other f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Focus Forum with Mark Simonson

TYPO Talks takes a few moments each year to chat with some of the speakers you can look forward to at the upcoming conference. We are excited to kick off this year’s blog series, Focus Forum, with designer Mark Simonson.

Mark Simonson is an independent type designer working out of his home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Over the span of his career he has designed over a dozen typefaces, perhaps most notably the Proxima Nova family.