Typo Berlin 2014 "Roots"

Triboro: Under the influence

Design duo, Triboro, has purposely kept their team (made up of husband and wife, Stefanie Weigler and David Heasty), small. “The truth is we are control freaks,” Stefanie said before introducing their presentation, Under the Influence, focused on drawing inspiration from New York City, which she calls “a candy store for designers.”


Roger Law: The Art of Theft

Admittedly I was only vaguely familiar with Roger Law‘s work before attending his presentation at TYPO; hazy memories from my childhood of his rubbery-faced caricatures of politicians gesticulating wildly at me from my TV set. His presentation would be a retrospective of his work in parallel to that of other artists which had not only influenced him but who he had heavily referenced, or even stole from, in order to create his own work. It would be this concept of theft vs. true originality, which resonates so deeply with all artists and designers, that would be at the core of his thought-provoking, beautiful and often amusing look back at some of his most popular work.


6 questions to … David Carson

He is one of the most influential and at the same time one of the most controversial designers of our time – David Carson. He impressed a whole generation of graphic designers, his talks are well remembered … And of course, his answers on our little Q&A are also unique … short and to the point! We are looking foward to TYPO Berlin where he’ll serve us one hour of cool graphic design, surf images and things we have never seen before!


Aaron James Draplin – “Tall Tales From A Large Man”

It is hard to sum up the experience that is Aaron James Draplin. Where to start? Draplin commands the attention of the audience with bold slides including an official DDC disclaimer and a fair warning to coders that his presentation will not include any sort of code languages. He establishes his presence on stage with seemingly appropriate vulgarity mixed in with motivational statements. Regardless of what the audience thinks, he explains that he probably shouldn’t be up on stage since he lacks credentials or professional accolades.


David Jonathan Ross: Backasswards!

As the attendees entered the screening room, chatter began swirling around about what kind of question they would ask David Jonathan Ross. The prompt was based on his recent move from New Hampshire to Los Angeles. The ice is broken with such questions like “What’s the best tanning salon in New Hampshire?” This sets the tone of the funkiness that is about to unfold.


Elliott Earls: Skillz Pay the Billz + other Graphic Design Musings

Elliott Earls is the head of the Graduate Graphic Design Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art. He’s a graphic designer who blurs the line between graphic design and art. He’s also a performer and artist whose work has been represented in major art museums. This afternoon, at Typo San Francisco 2014, Earls was all of these things — and a dynamic speaker with some very quotable takeaway points.

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