Heath Kessler

Heath Kessler The Pendulum Swings Back: Creating Opportunities for an Online Community in the “Real World”

First of all, I think you need to know that, by his own admission, Heath loves the word “verdant.” Because he likes green, growing things. In fact, as attendees of his session discovered, he seems to like vibrant, growing, dynamic things of all types. Especially when they involve community, creativity, and the ways people can nurture both by diving further into their neighborhoods, learning more about the people around them.


Jessica Hische: Uniting Nerds Through Typography!

Just as her url claims, Jessica Hische is awesome. The self-described Letterer, Illustrator, Crazy Cat Lady, and Secret Web Designer opened today’s TYPO SF with an inspiring overview of how, in just a few short years, she’s come from being “that drop cap girl,” and “that should I work for free flowchart girl,” to being one of today’s most well known and loved designers.

Rod Cavazos

Rod Cavazos: Life Inside a Type-Obsessed Design Lounge

Rod Cavazos kicked things off in what seemed to be his typical, unorthodox style by asking his audience to turn on their cell phones and jack up the volume. If your phone rings, you get a prize. He also made it clear that he was not at the conference to uplift or inspire his audience. He claimed he was only at TYPO for show and tell, but that’s arguable. Rod was charming and his talk was undeniably inspiring.

Oliver Reichenstein

Oliver Reichenstein: Continuity through Design

Oliver Reichenstein started his talk by showing the famous Mad Men carousel clip (which you can see here ). Immediately after, he showed the same clip, only it replaced the slide photos with screenshots of the Facebook timeline. It was a clever way to illustrate the stark emotional difference between analog and digital. But why was this the case and where does this need come from? “Is it because Facebook sucks? Because it is badly designed? Because it looks unreal?” We are surrounded with the trend of analog, skeuomorphic design. He argues that such a thing is okay as long as they uphold their promise (he cited the new iPad app, Paper, being a good example).

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