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Storyboard is a website and quarterly print magazine by the Visual Media Alliance (VMA) featuring the most inspiring cross media campaigns in the industry through a combination of articles, videos, webinars and more. Representing over 850 creative professionals from freelancers to big print shops, VMA’s Storyboard helps to bring the story of your work to life from concept to completion.


Victor Moscoso, Poster Legend, Interviewed by Norman Hathaway

Victor Moscoso was the first of the psychedelic rock poster artists of the 1960’s era with formal academic training. Norman Hathaway interviewed Victor on his life and work. Victor’s introduction to the art world was through animated cartoons at a movie-house when he was growing up in Spain. Victor recalled the magic of moving color. Then through comic books, he learned to draw through copying, as well as to read.

Emmet Byrne

Emmet Byrne :: Oblique Content Strategies

Emmet Byrne is the design director for the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis. He had a great lecture about the work from their in-house design studio and how the different content streams of publishing work in parallel with other departments. His lecture was greatly focused on the framing of content and how it can be lost control of when it enters the world. Loosing control of a project when given to the public raised some new and interesting questions for the institution.


Martha Kelly Schumann: “Kindness Doesn’t Scale (or, lies an Engineer told me)”

Martha Kelly Schumann began her career as an artist and holds a BFA in Graphic Design in Alabama where she grew up. During the summer of 2012 she pursued her interest in computers by attending a 3-month program at the Hacker School in NY where she fell in love with programming. She is now a software engineer at Uber and the founder of LadiesHackDay—a meetup for women of all skills and ages to build radical things together.

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks: Advanced Web Typography

Web typography has come a long way since the early days of the Internet. The pace of innovation has ebbed and flowed, and according to Elliot Jay Stocks (Creative Director of Adobe Typekit) typography on the web is currently experiencing a relative state of calm. This provides a great place to reflect and build a foundation for the future. And since “web design is 95% typography,” it is critical that we do just that.

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