Talent Talks: Interview No. 1 with Specht Studio

The format Talent Talks is a newbie to this year’s TYPO. Curated by designer and professor Kali Nikitas, eight refreshing positions from all over the globe share their truly creative work. Apart from sparkling self-initiated projects and inspiring design artefacts, they are showcasing most notably how cool it is to work with cool people.
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by Verena Thaller, Michael Kress, Leonie Hesse, David Jablonski & Christine Wenning

Self portrait by Specht Studio

Self portrait by Specht Studio (Monotype)


What did you want to become when you were a child?

An architect! When I was in primary school I already knew that I really wanted to become an architect. Therefore I went to an art school, similar to my high school, and I studied architecture for 3 years. My models, visuals and drawings were really, really good – I always loved drawing – but my math was really, really bad. It was bad enough that they advised me not to continue with architecture. Luckily I was introduced to graphic design by the mother of a friend of mine who was teaching typography and that is how I started doing graphic design.


Self portrait by Specht Studio

Position by Specht Studio (Monotype)

What makes you different?

I work very intuitively. Other studios do a lot of research and from time to time I also do that, but mostly it just comes to my mind. What really drives me is intuition. In my work I am always trying to combine illustration and typography. I don’t want to say I am different or better than this or that – I am just who I am. I just want to be free.


Self portrait by Specht Studio

Position by Specht Studio (Monotype)


What kind of work, or which projects, would you reject? What’s your No-go?

I say “No” to jobs where I feel like a toolbox – if I’m supposed to not give any real input. Even though the client has really good taste, if I get the feeling that the client would limit me in being creative then I don’t do it – this is the only thing actually. It is really important for me to connect to the client, feel that they know me, and that they understand me as a person. If I don’t get that feeling then I would rather not do that job.


Self portrait by Specht Studio

Advice to young talents by Specht Studio (Monotype)


What triggered you to start your own studio?

I was working for an agency and I was feeling completely blocked creatively. It was not the right place for me. I was young and I realized at this company I simply couldn’t be myself. Aside from the full-time job at this agency, I was doing a lot of freelance work and side projects. This work grew quite naturally up to a point where I decided to do this full-time.


Stephanie Specht lives and works in Antwerp.

stephaniespecht.com | Instagram

Specht Studios Portrait

Specht Studio

Design Studio (Antwerp, Belgium)

Stephanie Specht (°82) is a freelance graphic designer from Antwerp (Belgium). Her style is best described as intuitive, abstract, typographic and minimalistic. The work is typified by an almost analytical fragmentation of shapes, in combination with an intense color palette.