TYPO Labs: All talks online and on our blog

During the three days of the second TYPO Labs conference 2017 the TYPO team covered all talks on the blog. But you cannot just read about the presentations and workshops, all talks are also available as video for you to rewatch whenever you fancy.

The second TYPO Labs conference on font technology was sold out and visited by nearly 300 publishers and developers from all over the world. The editorial team managed to cover almost all talks on our blog. Check it out and read about complete font families in a single font file, new tools for font production or Google Chrome’s first browser supporting variable fonts. The posts provide a quick overview on what was presented in talks and workshops as well as links to demos and resources.

If you can’t wait for next years TYPO Labs (which is very understandable), you can also rewatch all talks in our video section and subscribe to the Newsletter.

Photo: Norman Posselt

We are looking forward to see you all next year. And in April 2018, at the 3rd TYPO Labs, there will be the first variable font applications to be presented on stage.

Your TYPO Team