Flashback Tuesday: Daniel Gjøde, TYPO Berlin 2014

In this “behind the scenes” talk from 2014 titled “Out of our minds – How to achieve everything we have … in a much shorter time”, Daniel takes us on a painfully honest journey through the do’s and don’ts, ups and downs, and many fails Stupid Studio has experienced since setting up shop in 2006.

We had been so looking forward to welcoming Daniel Gjøde again at TYPO Berlin 2016. Unfortunately, he had to cancel his commitment as he has just started his new gig in the direction design and front-end innovation at @LEGO_Group’s Future Lab.

To make up for this disappointment, here is Daniel’s talk from his last appearance in Berlin. Expect to hear why Stupid Studio – the independent digital creative agency he founded in 2006 – refuses to pitch, why culture beats strategy and why saying NO! is good for your business. He shares “13 Stupid Tips” for designers on how to keep work playful – going back to the “roots” of why he started the studio in the first place. Despite having to worry about real business needs like salaries, veggie options and internet connections, Gjøde still believes “If you can spend each day doing what you like to do, you no longer work.”

We are sure that this will not have been the last time Daniel has graced the TYPO stage and we are looking forward to seeing him here another year.