TYPO SF Swag Preview! Featuring FF Antithesis

FontFont welcomes FF Antithesis to their extensive catalog of fonts! Based on the design principle of three poles, FF Antithesis is designed around the tension and dialogue between each of these. There are three members of the display family: Regular, Italic and Bold of which all relate to each other in a very high visual contrast.


The Regular member is a rather slabby serif, the Italic a connected script and the Bold a fat sans serif. Each are designed to work with each of the other two, in order to create design with high visual tension. Designed with a less is more attitude in terms of family size, Yanone has also created a contemporary dance art and music based film to accompany the typeface. Set to be launched this spring at TYPO San Francisco and TYPO Berlin, the purpose of the ten minute film is to present the typeface as more than just a typeface but as an interdisciplinary work of art.

A typeface perfectly apt for creative purposes and as part of statement pieces, FF Antithesis looks set to become the new cool font of choice.

Conference attendees will receive an FF Antithesis tote bag in their TYPO SF swag bags. Check it out below!