7 reasons for attending TYPO London

Not sure whether you should get yourself a ticket for TYPO London? This is why you should:

Facilitators Simone Wolf and Adrian Shaughnessy, audience at Logan Hall, TYPO London conference 2011 (photo: FontShop International)


1. New thinking

TYPO London gives you exposure to new ideas from leading designers and thinkers. And not just on typography – TYPO London covers the entire range of creative activity: from Coding to Calligraphy; from design for music to the latest thinking on branding. Learn new ways of thinking and working from a mix of international speakers as they discuss current trends and future developments.


2. Inspiration

TYPO London allows you to derive inspiration from key people working in different areas of creativity, media and design. Catch opinions, processes and ideas that will re-shape the way you think, work and develop as a creative practitioner or student.


3. International

TYPO London is part of TYPO Talks International Design Conferences. We have staged events in Berlin, London and San Francisco, and with 18 years of experience we know how to make high quality conferences that deliver the benefits delegates want.


Getting active: Calligraphy workshop with Andreas Frohloff of FontFont

Getting active: Calligraphy workshop with Andreas Frohloff of FontFont (photo: FontShop International)

4. Future gazing

TYPO London is an opportunity to see what is likely to happen next. A range of speakers of all ages, and from different disciplines, provide a glimpse into the future – a future about which we can be certain of only one thing: it will be characterized by constant change.


5. London

TYPO London brings a host of international speakers to London. Where better to see the work, and hear the thoughts of a group of inspirational practitioners and thinkers, than in the one of the great design capitals of the world.

TYPO London 2011: Jeffery Hall, Jonathan Ellery

More intimate atmosphere at the second stage at Jeffery Hall, Jonathan Ellery at TYPO London 2011 (photo: Gerhard Kassner)


6. Education

TYPO London provides real-time education for professionals and students alike. Speakers operating at the forefront of international creativity share their knowledge and skills to help encourage growth and development.


7. Get social

TYPO London is a place to meet speakers, delegates and friends – and to make new ones. As well as lunch and coffee/tea breaks, there are evening events and parties where you can socialize and network. TYPO has always also been a kind of job and contact exchange, and a meeting point for emerging talent to mix with established practitioners of all kinds.


Get your ticked now and be part of the graphic design event of the year. Get voices on last year’s TYPO London conference.