Thomas Castro (LUST): Digital Anthropology

Thomas Castro of Lust gave an eye-opening talk on the incredible work they are doing in what he calls “digital anthropology.”

Thomas Castro of LUST speaks at TYPO Connect | Photo Credit: Amber Gregory

Scraping data from the internet, Lust is bringing information and communication from news feeds and social networking into the physical world, creating beautiful objects and interactive experiences for people to share and contribute to. From a book on reading in today’s world, full of nods to mobile devices, to an interactive poster wall in a beautiful old cathedral, Thomas showcased the inspired ways that randomness and organization can work together to create infinite, evolving, and always interesting design.

Thomas provided the auditorium with a camera, allowing the TYPO SF audience to participate in our very own interactive experience. Each attendee photographed their seat mate and passed the camera along. At the lecture’s end the images were projected into a beautiful “group portrait.”

The work Lust is doing must be seen and experienced to be appreciated, so check out their website for more.


LUST (Thomas Castro)

LUST is a multidisciplinary design practice and works in a broad spectrum of media including print- work and book design, abstract cartography and data visualizations, new media and interactive installations, and architectural graphics. LUST is deeply interested in exploring new pathways for design at the cutting edge where new media and information technologies, architecture and urban systems and graphic design overlap. This led to the recent establishment of a new research-based studio named LUSTlab as a laboratory for media and technology, to develop new communication tools, man-machine installations and physical products using digital content.

Jack Whittington