Four questions for… Julian Zimmermann

Following a longstanding request by TYPO regulars to see a client and their designer on stage together talking about a joint project, German student Julian Zimmermann and African King Cephas Bansah were invited to TYPO Berlin in 2010 to present their cooperation. And what a memorable session it turned out to be! The extremely professional keynote, combined with the natural charm of the two speakers, literally brought many delegates to tears and garnered spontaneous standing ovations.

King Bansah and Julian Zimmermann, Berlin 2010 (photo: Gerhard Kassner)

Julian Zimmermann’s corporate design for King Bansah is a truly one-of-a-kind project. Bansah is a real African king. He lives in Ludwigshafen, Germany, works as a car-mechanic, and governs his people from there. The corporate design uses gold ink on black and white stock, and incorporates a unique African motif. Julian also designed the packaging for King Bansah’s royal beer, AKOSOMBO. He currently works as a freelance designer and is also a member of design studio Deutsche & Japaner.

Photo: Thorsten Wulff

Which work are you particularly proud of? Which work best represents your style or approach?
Easy question :) Of course the identitiy for King Bansah!

As TYPO is all about design: are there any examples for very good and not so good design you recently ran across?
I really enjoyed the publication »Most beautiful Swiss Books 2010«. The scenography is so nice! Hmm … what was not so good? I think nothing especially.

Required reading: What are currently your favorite interesting/beautiful publications/books/interesting links?
Recently, I tend to read websites more than books. A good example for an inspiring website would be

The theme for this year´s TYPO London is places. What are your favorite places in London? Where do like to hang out? Any places you would be willing to share?
I’ve never been in London in my life. So I need some tips :)

Julian Zimmermann

Julian Zimmermann

Julian Zimmermann, born in 1983, lives, works and studies in Mannheim. His design profile for King Bansah was developed as part of his work on a bachelor’s of communication design at Mannheim College. Zimmermann concentrates on typography, and corporate and editorial design. Among other accolades, he has received the iF, reddot and European Design Award.