Celebrating 15 years of TYPO moments (9)

Powerpoint-Karaoke is a spin-off from the traditional Karaoke, however instead of singing songs, the participants must present a stand-up-presentation based on a random .ppt-file, projected on a screen.

Powerpoint-Karaoke, TYPO Berlin 2006

The name is based on the title of Microsoft Powerpoint, the world’s most ubiquitous presentation software.  The presentations can come from a sampling of images collected locally or by randomly downloading from the Internet.

The Jury, members of the Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur, Berlin
Powerpoint-Karaoke can be considered a training game that allows the participants to practise their rhetorical presentation skills with a flair for dialogue. It is also considered to be a form of improvisational theatre or as a type of Theatersports game. Powerpoint Karaoke was invented 2006 by  Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur in Berlin.

Master of Ceremony: Holm Friebe, the inventor of Powerpoint Karaoke

Sascha Lobo, co-inventor of Powerpoint-Karaoke and today Germany’s poster boy for smart social communication, …

… gives an introduction to the Powerpoint Karaoke game at TYPO Berlin 2006

Alle Abbildungen: @kassnerfoto.de für TYPO

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  1. Nina Stössinger|February 9, 2011

    Hey, this was a lot of fun! I won a TYPO sweater, which I still have and treasure.