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Make it MyTYPO

You can now create and administer your personal TYPO conference experience. An account at “MyTYPO” allows you to watch movies from past conferences you attended. It lets you take part in games and win a ticket to a TYPO conference of your choice. It also helps you to organize your personal TYPO schedule so that you do not have to spend conference time with hectic decisions on were to go now. Furthermore MyTYPO will let you take part in our survey about the best (and worst) speakers. Finally it helps you to keep track with TYPO events and material.


Safe to enter

MyTYPO is easy to enter and it is safe. Please be assured that we will never ever pass your data anyone.


Easy to use

All you need to do to create your MyTYPO account is to either enter the E-Mail address you used when registering for TYPO. lf for any reason you do not want to keep the account you can delete it anytime. In case any trouble occurs mail to our service.