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Rod Sheeter

Tech Lead/Manager of Google Fonts

Rod came to fonts by accident, having been rudely disabused of the notion text was a “solved problem.” Four years later it’s still not solved :) As an individual contributor and now Tech Lead/Manager on Google Fonts he helped to nudge along WOFF2 and unicode-range, bring the Google Fonts collection to Android, and is now working on high performance serving of very large fonts such as those used for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Korean on Google Fonts

Google Fonts delivers free, open source, fonts to billions of pages across the web. In recent years we have improved our quality and added support for a range of languages but were never able to support Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

Recently we have explored, validated, and shipped a CSS-only solution, leveraging unicode-range and Google’s web index data to intelligently partition fonts to minimize transfer size, number of requests, and latency and optimize cross-site caching when delivering Korean fonts. We believe our solution will also apply to Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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