Mike Duggan

Mike Duggan

Lead Typographer, Microsoft

Mike Duggan is a lead typographer in the Microsoft Advanced Reading Technologies team, and has a degree in Visual Communications from the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, Ireland. He plays a key role in the development and hinting of new typefaces targeted for screen legibility. Mike was the typographic technical lead on the ClearType Font Collection project, and the lead program manager on the recent optically scaled Sitka font family, designed by Matthew Carter.

Hinting Variable fonts in Visual TrueType (VTT) –> SEMINAR ROOM 10 | UMWELTFORUM

Variable fonts are getting closer to mainstream adoption by all of the major browsers. Learn how to Hint and fine tune Variable fonts in the latest Version of VTT. The workshop will cover how to use the built in Autohinter in VTT to add hinting to Variable fonts, and how to easily fine tune the results. The workshop will focus on how hinting can be added simply and efficiently, and how attention to detail, can have a big impact on making the most legible type for the screen. Workshop is a teaching format.
Note taking advised, but no laptop required.

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