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Amélie Bonet

Amélie Bonet

Type Designer, Font Engineer (Berlin)

Amélie Bonet is a type designer and font engineer, based in Berlin, Germany. She developed a passion for type design with a focus on Indic scripts, during her years in Reading and London. Amélie has worked on projects involving various writing systems, such as Arabic, Bengali, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Georgian, Greek, Tamil, Thai. Her design, Nokia Pure Bengali was awarded at the Granshan competition in 2014. In late summer 2015, Amélie joined the Monotype Font Engineering team.

Indic Engineering: key issues in Indic type production and design

What are the typical pitfalls when designing and engineering Indic typefaces? The talk will follow a reverse road map of a typical Indic type project, with a focus on Devanagari, from engineering to marketing via design.

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