New Dimensions in Type Engineering


Liron Lavi Turkenich

Liron Lavi Turkenich is an independent typeface designer and researcher, based in Israel. She holds a B.Des in Visual Communications from Shenkar college in Tel Aviv and an MA in Typeface design from the University of Reading.

Liron designs multilingual typefaces for international companies, and specialises in Hebrew and Amharic. In addition to design, she writes about letterforms, interviews designers, teach and research Hebrew type design. She also shares her knowledge and experiences in lectures and workshops around the world. Liron loves travelling, talking with people and searching for typographic treasures in dusty archives.

Go bolder, just slant it—secondary styles in Hebrew

Hebrew italics, is there such a thing? And if so, which is the way to slant? What is considered bold to a Hebrew-reader’s eyes? And what does extra spacing and asterisks have do to with it?
Secondary styles in Hebrew are discussed very passionately. This talk will go beyond the default decisions that usually take place while deciding on the range of weights in a type family and the slanting direction of the italic. Approaches will be reviewed, pros and cons will be surveyed. Hebrew will serve as a case study, but several additional scripts will be looked into.

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