New Dimensions in Type Engineering

Just van Rossum

Just van Rossum

Type Designer / Programmer

Just van Rossum graduated in 1989 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, where he studied with Gerrit Noordzij. His collaborations with Erik van Blokland under the name LettError became well known and their FF Beowolf typeface has been included in the permanent collection of the MoMa in New York. His FF Lefthand typeface is as ubiquitous now as it was when it came out in 1991. He co-wrote RoboFog with Petr van Blokland in the mid-ninetees, which can be seen as a prerunner of RoboFont, and has been a very influential type design tool due to its groundbreaking scriptability with the Python programming language. He is the original author of the the Python-based FontTools/TTX library, which provides powerful and unique ways to build and edit OpenType fonts.

Just teaches type design and programming at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK) in The Hague, both in the regular graphic design course as well as in the Type & Media master program.

Bianca Berning

Bianca Berning

Font Engineer, Dalton Maag (London)

Bianca Berning is a font engineer with background in civil engineering, communication and typeface design. After completing her MA in typeface design in Reading in 2011 she joined Dalton Maag, a London-based type foundry. She now heads the Skills & Process department, a multidisciplinary team of typeface designers, font engineers and software developers. Bianca and her team are responsible for training and development, knowledge management, and for the implementation of internal standards and the improvement of Dalton Maag’s font development processes.

John Hudson

John Hudson

Type Designer & Co-founder of Tiro Typeworks Ltd. (Gabriola BC)

John Hudson designs typefaces and makes fonts. As co-founder of Tiro Typeworks Ltd., a digital foundry specialising in custom font solutions for multilingual publishing and computing, he has been responsible for or has collaborated on type designs for Arabic, Bengali, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Greek, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Latin, Odia, Sinhala, Telugu, Thai, and other scripts. Tiro’s clients include software companies such as Adobe and Microsoft, and scholarly publishers such as Brill and Harvard University Press, and the STIpub consortium of scientific publishers.


Toshi Omagari

Advanced Typeface Designer, Monotype

Toshi Omagari is an Advanced Typeface Designer at Monotype, based in London, UK. He studied typography and typeface design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo where he graduated in 2008, and went on to join MA in typeface design at University of Reading in 2011. Since he joined Monotype, he has released typefaces such as Metro Nova and Neue Haas Unica, while also working on custom typefaces for clients such as H&M and Sir Quentin Blake. He has also been involved in many aspects of multilingual typography and font development, including typefaces on various scripts including Greek, Cyrillic, Mongolian, and Tibetan.

His typefaces were awarded the Type Directors Club in New York in 2013 (with Metro Nova), Modern Cyrillic in 2014 (with Marco Cyrillic), and European Design Award in 2016 (bronze, with Cowhand).


Victor Gaultney

Senior Type Designer, SIL International

Victor Gaultney is a type designer and calligrapher with interests in legibility, diacritics, non-Latin scripts and italics. As Senior Type Designer at SIL International, he develops fonts for minority language groups around the world. He teaches typeface design at the University of Reading, is a co-author of the SIL Open Font License, and led the team that developed ScriptSource. His most well-known typeface – Gentium – has been a winner in two international typeface design competitions and supports thousands of languages. He is also a musician, actor and director.


Rob McKaughan

Typographer in the Advanced Reading Technologies, Microsoft

Rob McKaughan has a great many interests (or a very short attention span): He has worked in software development and interaction design at Microsoft and at Amazon Web Services, studied typeface design at the University of Reading, made a documentary film about endurance bicycling, and along the way has consumed many bottles of fine wine. Currently, he is a typographer in the Advanced Reading Technologies team at Microsoft.


Sahar Afshar

Type designer, Researcher (Iran)

Sahar Afshar is a type designer and researcher from Iran. Her interest in typography during her years as a student at the University of Tehran led her to the University of Reading, from which she holds an MA by Research in Typography & Graphic Communication. Since graduation, she has been working on the design of Arabic typefaces and researching the printing of non-Latin—specifically Arabic and Indic—scripts. She is currently based in the UK, and is a doctoral candidate at Birmingham City University, where she is researching Punjabi printing history and culture in post-war Britain.

Panel Discussion: “Liberating Digital Type from the Metal Rectangle”

This panel discussion will address methodologies of spacing and kerning, asking the question whether we could do better if we shed the inheritance of movable type.

In a digital world, where anything goes, are the concepts of “sidebearings” and “kerning” really the best we’ve got? How can we learn from non-Latin type? Can spacing workflows be improved? Can font formats be better at storing spacing info?

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