Paul van der Laan

Paul van der Laan

Type Designer, Typographer (The Hague)

Paul van der Laan lives and works in The Hague and is founding partner of Bold Monday typefoundry. He is also staff member of the KABK Type & Media masters course in type design. He has designed a diverse collection of typefaces including Oskar, Flex, Feisar, and a variety of custom fonts for worldwide clients such as Audi, USA Today, General Electric, NBCUniversal and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Workshop: Drawing with the TypeCookers

Get a recipe defining parameters of your type like contrast, width and weight, draw a sketch and be ready to get thorough comments from typecooks Erik van Blokland and Paul van der Laan.

Typecookers critique session

Typecooks van Blokland and van der Laan will quickly fry and roast the recipes sketched by TYPO guests during the conference. Join the sketching session in the central hall. Hand in your drawings before the show! Earn prizes! Gain valuable insight!

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