Jacq Palinckx


Jacq Palinckx works already for many years as an idiosyncratic guitarist and composer at the interface of improvised music, avant-rock and composed music. He founded his own group ‘Palinckx’ in 1983, where he wrote all music for and was a member of bands like Guus Janssen septet, Maarten Altena Ensemble, Beukorkest & Big Bamboozle.

The Tale of the Cat

Written words always exist within the three dimensions of the maker (the type-designers), the user (the designer) and the consumer (the reader). But what does it mean to be a type-maker, -user of -consumer? How is language working anyway. Together with dutch composer Jacq Palinckx and writer Kees ’t Hart, the pan-european type-collective Underware will investigate into an expanded understanding of typography.

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