Natalie Deewan

Natalie Deewan

Artist (Wien)

Natalie Deewan was born in 1978 in Vienna. Her primary fields are business and literature; language solutions; reprogramming and derivatives (i.e. Nach Geschäftsschluss, Wiener Leerstandsanagramme / After closing, Vacancy Anagrammes in Vienna , 2017; Pixendorf wird ausbuchstabiert: Gemischter Satz / Spelling Out Pixendorf: Field Blend, Northern Austria 2016); pure, real, applied and collective literature (i.e. with kollektiv roman wollen schon / collective novel at will, 2016); texts on buildings (i.e. Coded Quotes, AAU Klagenfurt 2017; Alhamdulillah, Arnoldstein 2016; VEZA fehlt / VEZA is Missing, Vienna 2013); postcards (Das Pakistanische Bilderbuch / Pakistani Picture Book), and typography (Heterotypia font family).


The word “sign” in all its many meanings is the trigger for this presentation. Signs, signs, signs are the focus of this double conference, which will use both spoken and sign language to introduce the deesign projects of Viennese artist Natalie Deewan. In her work, she uses anagrams, pictograms, graffiti fonts, and shut-down businesses, while at the same time, working with Atilla Gum, a native signer, trainer and coach for Austrian sign language (ÖGS) to link to sign language using ÖGS as an example.

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