Erica Wolfe-Murray

Erica Wolfe-Murray

Author and Consultant (Salisbury, UK)

Founder of Lola Media, imaginative innovator Erica Wolfe-Murray has worked with over 200 creative, cultural and tech companies in the last six years’ alone. With a determined belief in the power of creativity to build value, she totally rethinks/reframes companies’ output, their financial models and their legal frameworks to deliver better results, more revenue streams and owned IP, leading to growth and improved resilience.

With a background in advertising, design, tv production, digital, licensing, she has been both a creative head and an FD.  Her passion for ensuring creative companies unearth, develop and harness their intellectual assets has brought her clients such as NB Studio, GBH, D&AD, Re as well as global pattern experts Patternity.  She has had a joint venture with National Geographic, worked with the UK Intellectual Property Office, Parliament as well brands such as Puma and Harvey Nichols.

Author of ‘Cake – A Creative’s Guide to IP’, she has also just completed ‘Think About it This Way – An Ideas Workbook for Business Growth’ aimed at companies of 10 employees or less whether they be plumbers or designers who government growth funds or support rarely reach.

Trigger a Revolution… Let’s seize control!

Unexpected revolutionaries, Erica Wolfe-Murray and Alex Mecklenburg fly below the radar.  Yet both are deeply committed to challenging how creative companies ‘do’ business.

With extensive industry experience, their bold approach to creative commercialisation tackles industry fears head on.

They range freely from the big picture down to the smallest detail.  Embedding creativity across an organisation’s total operation, whilst applying the same imaginative zeal to contracts, IP, intellectual assets, revenue models, ways of trading targeting them all in their determination to see creativity fairly and properly rewarded.

Inventive, direct, happy to overturn all the norms as to how creative companies can both grow and develop better resilience – their stories will inspire, raise questions and challenge you to launch your own commercial revolution.


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