Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman

Graphic designer, illustrator and art director (New York)

Timothy Goodman’s art and words have populated walls, buildings, packaging, cars, people, shoes, clothing, book jackets, magazine covers and galleries all over the world. His clients include Google, Samsung, Uniqlo, Target, MoMA, Airbnb, Netflix, The New Yorker and The New York Times. He has received awards from most major design and illustration publications. He’s the author of Sharpie Art Workshop, the co-creator of the blog and book 40 Days of Dating, whose film rights were optioned to Warner Bros., and the co-creator of 12 Kinds of Kindness, which was featured in NPR & The New York Times. His global collection of clothing with Uniqlo launched recently. He teaches at SVA in New York City, and he uses Instagram to talk about his feelings.



You Gotta Make a Lot of Stuff Before You Can Make Stuff Like Yourself

Timothy Goodman is constantly trying to find meaning in his work. But what defines meaning? He believe’s the greatest joy he can have as a designer is connecting to another human through his work and words. After working in publishing, branding, and tech, he now spends his days drawing, writing, and making weird stuff for the internet and for clients all over the world. He tries to approach design as a practice, not as a profession. Join Timothy as he talks about where he’s been, where he’s at, and how he’s trying to redefine what it means to work in this industry.

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