Fidel Peugeot

Fidel Peugeot

Designer (Basel (Schweiz))

Fidel Peugeot was born in Switzerland and has been living in Vienna since 1992. He studied graphic design with Armin Hofmann, Wolfgang Weingart, and René Pulver at the Basel School of Design. He currently works in a wide range of fields including typography, graphic design, illustration, product design, architecture, furniture design, animation, and music. In addition to the spoken word, Peugeot is a fan of the written word and develops his own texts, product names, and songs.
In 2003, he founded the Walking Chair design studio based in Vienna ( alongside Italian Karl Emilio Pircher. Since then, the duo have worked at the intersection of design and art (design follows content), and exhibited their work internationally. Their Walking Chair Gallery also allows the designer to function as a curator of new design strategies. In 2011, the Vienna’s Metroverlag published the Walking Chair monograph entitled “You Do Design You – We Do Design You”.
Fidel Peugeot teaches as part of the master’s programme Éspace & Communication at HEAD (Geneva School of Art and Design), and was accepted into the AGI (Alliance Graphique International) in 2015. He has been president of AGI Austria since 2017.

Hello Maria! How nice that you exist…

A small, local apothecary in the heart of Vienna is creating a stir. It cultivates a culture and artisanry of healing, and helps people when they are ill, have aches and pains, or are uneasy of mind. And those who can’t hear are also well served there, in the only apothecary for the deaf in Europe. Over the last 25 years, Karin Simonitsch, a passionate pharmacist, has turned her Marien Apotheke in Vienna into a special kind of gathering spot. It’s a place where an old profession is being re-thought for the future and operated in keeping with the times. Fidel Peugeot of Walking Chair Design talks about how design plays a decisive role in health.

Workshop: Sister Blister – How manual labour generates new ideas

Between thumb and forefinger – this workshop will teach you how new things can be made from the blister packs that medications come in. Discover how manual labour can generate new ideas; how we all come up with unique solutions. Every participant will be crowned at the end! Red alert! You do not need a computer to take part in this workshop.

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