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Christian Wendrock-Prechtl

Head of the user interface division at comdirect bank AG

Christian Wendrock-Prechtl has been head of the user interface division at comdirect bank AG since June 1, 2015. In addition, he took over the post of managing director of onvista media GmbH on April 1, 2017. As a designer, his work thus far has been marked by the further development of strategy, content, and technology in his areas of responsibility. At comdirect, he is in charge of user experience, user interactive design, and corporate design, among other areas, and is intensely involved with benchmark design and innovation design.

Bank. Rethinking. Design. Rethinking.

Brand Talks

Brand Talks is the new rapid talk format on the second conference day. After the keynote by London-based branding expert Michael Johnson (johnson banks), talks change in a 30-minute cycle. The final talk gives Thomas Müller, Head of Design and Innovation at Fjord with his summary “The End of Branding As We’ve Known It”. Moderator of the Brand Talks: TYPO programme director Jürgen Siebert.

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