Type Foundry (Den Haag / Amsterdam / Helsinki)

The type designers from Underware think these are interesting times for type designers. They wonder how variable fonts can be. They wonder what it means that their fonts will outlive them. They wonder how many dimensions a font can have. They wonder what this all means for type designers now, and in the future. And meanwhile they steadily continue to make new typefaces for their independent type foundry at www.underware.nl

The Tale of the Cat

Written words always exist within the three dimensions of the maker (the type-designers), the user (the designer) and the consumer (the reader). But what does it mean to be a type-maker, -user of -consumer? How is language working anyway. Together with dutch composer Jacq Palinckx and writer Kees ’t Hart, the pan-european type-collective Underware will investigate into an expanded understanding of typography.

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