Juju Kurihara

Calligrapher (Japan)

Juju Kurihara is a 5 Dan Japanese calligrapher based in Berlin since 2012. She started learning calligraphy with a teacher at the age of 13.  After working as a studio photographer in London and Sydney, moved to Madrid in 2010 and started working as a calligrapher. She has performed alone or collaborating musicians and dancers at different events, collaborated a book “El Libro de Té” and several solo exhibitions. Since she moved to Berlin, she has been performing and having workshops as well as regular courses. The latest group exhibition “Zen –One Way of Life” was at Atelier für Photographie in January.


Workshop: Japanese Calligraphy -Kanji in three styles

In Japanese calligraphy, there are  three ways of writing a kanji, Kaisho, Gyosho and Sosho. Each writing has  its own expression as well as its use in different purposes. In this workshop, you will learn how to write one kanji in three styles and at the same time you can see the transition of the character, from complicated to simplified. Also this traditional calligraphy using a brush and black ink gives you a meditative feeling.

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