Antonia M. Cornelius

Communication Designer (Germany)

Antonia M. Cornelius (*1989) lives and works as a typeface and commu- nication designer in Hamburg. She studied with the focus on typeface design with Jovica Veljović and Albert-Jan Pool. At the end of 2017 she graduated her master’s degree in communication design at the Universi- ty of Applied Sciences, Hamburg and her research based typeface design graduation project was awarded.

Since her bachelor studies Cornelius has been particularly interested in the legibility of typefaces and their versatile influencing factors, which she explores with her nascent typeface family Legilux. Currently she is doing her PhD at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel on the importance of serifs for the legibility of text typefaces.

In her book “Letters in your head. What creatives should know about reading processes to design reading delight”, published by Hermann Schmidt in October 2017, Cornelius bundles her collected knowledge about perception, reading processes, typeface design and typography.

The letters in my head. How design can influence reading

When we read, our brain performs a true tour de force. In order to derive meaning from abstract symbols, the mind must first unequivocally recognize them visually. Our system of sight has boundaries within which the shape of the characters can deviate – combined with numerous other factors that influence our perception. The conditions under which we read differ vastly from each other, so the font and typography should always be in tune with the individual demands of each application, in order to provide the greatest ease in reading.

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