Annie Atkins

Annie Atkins

Graphic designer (Dublin)

Annie Atkins specializes in graphic design for filmmaking. As well as creating contemporary artwork for movie posters, she also designs and makes any graphic pieces outlined by a period film script, like prison escape maps, telegrams, and fake love letters. Annie has designed the graphics for three Oscar-nominated films: the animated feature The Boxtrolls, Spielberg’s Cold War thriller Bridge of Spies, and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel – which went on to win the Academy Award for Best Production Design. Originally from Snowdonia in Wales, Annie has been based in Dublin, Ireland since 2007, which she now considers her home.

The Secret World of Graphic Design for Filmmaking

Telegrams, love letters, prison escape maps… it’s not just the movie poster a graphic designer makes, but also any paper props that the actors work with on set. But how do you start designing graphics that can help tell a director’s story, as well as contributing to the genre, period, and visual aesthetic of a film?

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