Sonja Knecht

Writer (Berlin)

Sonja Knecht was born in Indonesia, grew up in Venezuela and is deep-rooted in Deutsch. She studied English, Spanish and humanities; explorations as a graphic artist led her to typography and to what she loves most: text. Text as language, designed. Sonja was Erik Spiekermann’s Director Text (2008–2015 at his corporate design agency in Berlin) and built up the 30-people editorial team for TYPO Talks (from 2011). As an expert in corporate text and brand language, she works with clients such as the Bauhaus Archive/Museum for Design, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, DHL, Messe Frankfurt, Oxfam. Sonja gives text and editorial workshops and teaches at Berlin University of the Arts as well as at Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts and Design Halle.

Text … Sex … Shit

How to deal with words? What power do they have in our lives, and which possibilities do we have to really create (with) language? For designers, these questions are more important than ever. In self-promotion, in the struggle for attention, in design writing as a profession, in corporate communications – we need to describe ourselves, our ideas and our projects. In this talk: three theses on text for instant application.

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