Talks at TYPO Berlin 2017

Birgit Palma

Birgit Palma

Illustrator (Barcelona)

Birgit Palma is a passionate multidisciplinary illustrator and lettering addict working and living in Barcelona. Crafting at the sweet spot between modern avantgarde and illustration, she is passionate to deepen her love for illustration every day. What inspires her? Surrealism, op art, nature and its colourful life. She is also an adjunct professor at the Fachhochschule Salzburg / MultiMediaArt.

Daniel Triendl

Daniel Triendl

Designer / Illustrator (Wien)

Daniel Triendl was born in the mountains of Austria, where he discovered his passion for art and illustration. He has a love of bold colour and consistently uses it in his work as a tool to inject a sense of energy. His striking forms mimic this sensibility often through geometry and abstraction. Daniel believes that experimentation is crucial as an artist, which is why he tries to challenge himself with the mediums he explores. He always try to approach the process in a playful and experimental way. He wants people who view at his work to experience a positive vibe.

His client list includes Bud Light, Coca Cola Korea, Bloomberg Magazine, Refinery29, Spiegel Magazine, Völkl Snowboards and Red Bull Media House among many others.

(Workshop) Modular lettering

The “Modular Lettering. Jam session with Birgit Palma & Daniel Triendl” Workshop is all about creating an own typography – using a modular raster-preset prepared by Birgit Palma and Daniel Triendl. The implementation and graphic interpretation of the geometric elements is the essential part of this process: While the choice of modules remain the same for every Workshop, every lettering created has an individual look due to the different interpretations of the workshop participants. Following the Jam session, the different lettering can be directly used t the Adobe booth.

Important: In order to participate, it will be necessary to bring your own Laptop (including Creative Cloud).

You should definitely check it out, so feel free to approach the Adobe colleagues directly for more details!

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