Talks at TYPO Berlin 2017

Brand Talks

Carola Seybold

Carola Seybold (Pantone)

Director of Business Development / PANTONE (Stuttgart)

Carola Seybold has completed her Diploma at the age of 24 years from Lake of Constance University (GRMY) and further finalised her Marketing studies from University of Hohenheim (Germany). Before joining PANTONE LLC in 2008, Seybold has worked as a Senior Consultant at Glasmeier & Partner Int.  She works as Director of Business Development for PANTONE LLC in Europe, Middle East and Africa and leading also the Marketing in PANTONE EMEA.

Today’s role of color in branding

For many of us, it is virtually impossible to imagine life without colour. Is the visual cue that defines our world, drawing us in to feel a connection with our environment and the things we love. However, understanding how to incorporate colour in our daily works can be critical. When used wisely colour can be the booster to your brand/projects success. Join us while we share the best way to optimize the colour process from the creative early stage until the production.

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