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Liv Siddall

Liv Siddall

Editor (London)

Liv Siddall is the Editor of one of the UK’s most loved music institutions, Rough Trade. Working from their Rough Trade East record store, Liv edits their monthly print magazine and curates and records their podcasts and radio shows.

Prior to working for Rough Trade, Liv spent four years at It’s Nice That where she was Online Editor and Features Editor – working across their website and print magazine Printed Pages. She is also a contributing editor of Riposte Magazine. She also writes for numerous independent online and publications, is a visiting lecturer to numerous universities and regularly gives talks about magazine publishing.

Rough Trade Magazine is a 64-page monthly print publication sold worldwide and in all Rough Trade record stores in London, Nottingham and New York. The magazine – made solely by Liv, in collaboration with designer Bruce Usher – is less of a music magazine, more a “shop” magazine. Made up of pieces of writing by shop staff, regular features from musicians and in-depth interviews with legendary artists and bands, the zine-like publication provides a personal, friendly, humorous glimpse at the music industry. The magazine prides itself on allowing bands to be represented as they want to be, often handing over pages to them and inviting them to fill them in however they want. It’s a music magazine that wants to be as far from your average music magazine as possible.

Wie man ein monatlich erscheinendes Musikmagazin für einen vierzigjährigen Plattenladen macht

Dieser Vortrag handelt davon, wie es ist für Rough Trade zu arbeiten, ein Plattenladen in East London, für den ich eine 64-seitige Monatszeitschrift produziere. Es ist ein Musikmagazin für eine Firma, die es seit vierzig Jahren gibt. Ich berichte von den Auftragsarbeiten, die die Mitglieder der Belegschaft, Musiker, Künstler und Bands anfertigen, denn unsere Zeitschrift soll anders sein als die üblichen Musikmagazine und den Do-it-yourself-Geist von Rough Trade lebendig halten.

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