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Henning Wagenbreth

Henning Wagenbreth

Illustrator / Professor at University of Arts, Berlin (Berlin)

born 1962 in Eberswalde, studied from 1982-1987 at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee in East Berlin, works mainly as an illustrator who does the graphic design for his products himself, designs his own typefaces, understands manual and industrial printing technics as an important part of his design process, lives in Berlin, but lived in Paris and San Francisco too, likes to illustrate and design books, posters, newspapers and magazines, in sizes between postage stamps and giant hangers, between commissioned jobs and his own art projects, between single original drawings and paintings and mass produced objects, undertakes detours into animation film, theater and music, works since 1994 as professor of the illustration class at the University of Arts in Berlin. He gave lectures and workshops in many countries around the world.

Wagenbreth’s Travelling Theatre

The illustrator is not only the make-up man, costume and set designer, but also the writer, director, and principal player, all wrapped into one. He presents tragedies, comedies, parodies, and farce intended to entertain, but also challenge the audience. The stage director decides which plays will be put on, which commissions he accepts, how they are to be interpreted, and which material he’ll develop himself. The acting prowess of the protagonists he draws – their gestures, facial expressions, and language – along with the painted backgrounds and special effects, from blood to theatrical thunder, are aimed at teaching the audience dread, make them marvel, make them laugh. His stages can be found on stamps, between the covers of books, in newspapers, and on records and posters.

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