Talks at TYPO Berlin 2017

Dominic Wilcox works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology to create innovative, thought provoking and surprising objects. The British artist and designer studied at The Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2002. He exhibits his work internationally and has been commissioned by brands such as BMW MINI, Kellogg’s and Paul Smith. In 2015 he exhibited at museums such as London’s Design Museum and the V&A museum. After the making of the documentary ‘The Reinvention of Normal’, which follows Wilcox and his work, he was invited to be a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he showed his ‘Variations on Normal’ ideas.

He is now on a mission to inspire the world’s children to become the inventors of our future with his Little inventors project.

The reinvention of normal

This is a talk about my constant search for ideas within everyday life and the many methods I use to express my imagination. From my drawings of bonkers inventions, to prototypes of a future imagined world. I’ll also speak about what happens when you take children’s fantastical ideas seriously.

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