Catherine Dixon

To hell with mediocrity – adventure beckons!

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Thursday, 12 May | 3:00 pm | Show | English

Only attendees can watch this video. This restriction applies for ten months after TYPO Berlin 2016.

As designers are encouraged to refocus on the thinking underpinning design, some thoughts in this talk on the importance of thinking-through-doing and articulating the value of ‘workmanship’. In reconnecting with where things have come from there are opportunities to assemble and share understanding with the communities we are designing for. And in seeking unexpected adventure within the commonplace, perhaps it is still possible to hope in design as a culturally-consequential agent of change.

Catherine Dixon

Catherine Dixon

Designer, Writer, Teacher (London)

Catherine Dixon is a designer, writer and teacher. As a designer she works with text-based projects, including typographic covers for the award-winning Great Ideas series for Penguin Books. As a writer and researcher she has a particular interest in letterforms, her Doctoral thesis focusing on the problems of describing typefaces. She also…

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