Jonathan Barnbrook

Design and Politics

TYPO Berlin 2016 Beyond Design | Saturday, 14 May | 3:00 pm | Hall | English

Can design be a weapon for social change? Jonathan Barnbrook is notorious for political statements. Sonja Knecht will discuss his political attitudes with him and how they influence his work. Can his attitudes be traced in the way he designs typefaces, record covers, and other visual/cultural media? Does a designers’s political attitude shine through in his or her collaboration with artists, organisations and other clients? Is it visible in the designs (and if so, how)?

Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook

Graphic Designer (London)

Jonathan Barnbrook is one of the most well-known graphic designers in Britain. Since 1990 he has chosen to work with a mixture of cultural institutions, activist groups and charities as well as completing a steady stream of personal posters. He is also know for his collaborations with Adbusters, Damien Hirst,…

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